Book Trailer of the novel “Sogni a bassa risoluzione” by Andrea Cacciavillani 
edited by Edizioni Eiffel
Realized by Vincenzo Di Nuzzo for EIFFEL COMMUNICATION.

With irony, and not only, the author shows us the events of a contemporary man who has everything around him and nothing at the same time. What is truly worthy, loves, emerge from the sands of depression (that in our main character shows itself through insomnia), take light in the most astonishing way (a cell phone found by chance), and dye of stars his nights giving him finally back closed eyes dreams.


Book Trailer of the novel “GRIGIO” (Grey) by Caterina Saracino
edited by Edizioni Eiffel
realized by Vincenzo Di Nuzzo for EIFFEL COMMUNICATION.

It is the “unique” story of Morgana and her little brother Gabriele. A fatal event caused by Gabriele forever changes their life and puts them behind bars of a “grey” existence made of remorse and silences. The ending will be redemption for both, even if for different reasons.

Demetrio dai capelli verdi

Book Trailer of the novel “DEMETRIO DAI CAPELLI VERDI” (Green-haired Demetrio) by Marco Mazzanti
edited by Edizioni Eiffel
realized by Vincenzo Di Nuzzo for EIFFEL COMMUNICATION.

This book represents the healthy encounter between reality and myth. The author gives us a delight that at every bite moves us away from our everyday life. He is not only a maker of parallel worlds but also of a new genre of fantasy.



Book Trailer of the novel “CHRYSALIS” by Maria Rosaria Ferrara
edited by Edizioni Eiffel
realized by Vincenzo Di Nuzzo for EIFFEL COMMUNICATION.

It tells of growth stages of a deep friendship between Giulia, painter who dreams of exhibiting her works and Roxanne, a drag-queen who fights to give her body the image that she feels of her own soul. It is a novel that describes with politeness and delicacy the search of oneself and the courage to follow own dreams.


Il mio tempo

Book Trailer of the poetic diary “IL MIO TEMPO” (My Time) by Gennaro Liguori
edited by Edizioni Eiffel
realized by Vincenzo Di Nuzzo for EIFFEL COMMUNICATION.

At times, it almost seems to retrace ideally with the author the walk of a life. He drags us in His Time with powerful sweetness. It is here where it resides the power of his words: in every word there is that power (rare, very rare) of sharing, the possibility for every reader to identify himself in it, get excited and be moved. The sound-track is “Il Mostro”, song of an extraordinary Neapolitan group with pure talent called Asharam.

“IL MIO TEMPO” (My Time)

Poetic diary of Gennaro Liguori

“It is so great the emotional void which has remained, that my heart does not laugh even if it would want to do and it does not enjoy fully the new-born love.”

It is impetuous reflection and without permissiveness of a life’s penumbras with confidential, reassuring language but also very rare because it is genuine and shared.

“It does not welcome his lament of man alone, unhappy of a weird unhappiness which comes from not accepting the world just like it is.”

“I was in a hospital room and there was my father lain down on the bed. As all the evenings I was beside him, I did not think it would have been the evening of the goodbye.”

“.. When I went through it, it has been clear what it was: a great, sudden precipice in an infinite path of successes.”

“The meeting of two hands, one tiny, slim and beautiful like the hand of the Madonna in dark of a room during a sound of a never listened music, made rise the most beautiful feeling of the life.”

We would want to run, always run to look for something different because this makes us alive and always makes us appreciate our humanity.

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