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Edizioni Eiffel is a publishing house engaged in the publication and promotion, domestically and internationally, of modern books and gifted authors. Eiffel is active in both the fiction and the non-fiction book segments with a growing line-up of books and authors.

Edizioni Eiffel finds its lifeblood in the passion and strength of a man, its Founder and Chief Editor Mr. Gennaro Liguori, who is committed to increase the spreading of culture and to provide a launch pad for young Italian and foreign writers.

Eiffel has created a lean and specialized organizational structure which is capable of identifying writers with fine narrative skills and of supporting them throughout the editorial development of books via a Board of Readers, comprised of book industry professionals.

Edizioni Eiffel markets its books via large and small distribution channels and actively participates in the promotion of its publications by taking part in selected literary events and by organizing ad-hoc soirees to meet and discuss with authors.
Headquarters: CASERTA, Via Ettore Tazzoli 81
Offices: DUGENTA(Bn), Via Nazionale 150/156

Message from the Founder: A “young” publishing house is growing up

Dear Readers, Dear Authors,

I am pleased to welcome you to Edizioni Eiffel, a young but sophisticated publishing house which keeps moving forward through its editorial and organizational growth.

Edizioni Eiffel, although conceptually born in the 80’s, has begun its operations only few years ago, motivated by the belief that the talent of young but mature authors should not get wasted or chocked up by the myopia of a book industry which, at times, prioritizes commercial reasons over literary ones.

As a former journalist and a writer, I fully endorse the expression writing = living, which I personally deem it to be a reality, rather than a formula or a motto. My constant effort, and that of Edizioni Eiffel, is aimed at finding “diamonds in the rough”, or those gifted writers that have not had the luck of meeting with people who believe in their art of writing.

Edizioni Eiffel is the realization of a life-long dream and it is today and entrepreneurial reality which allows me to personally and professionally mature along with “my” authors, in mutual respect and gratitude. This approach to work translates not only into a research for superior contents, but also in the scouting for people who are conscious of their own literary talent, know how to promote themselves and are capable of promoting their own writing as a means to communicate emotions, to mature in life and to interface with the community eloquently and efficiently.

Welcome, therefore, to Edizioni Eiffel. A “young” publishing house is growing up.

Gennaro Liguori

Founder and Chief Editor
Edizioni Eiffel

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