Sogni a bassa risoluzione by Andrea Cacciavillani

 Only those who have no imagination can persist in considering fate and destiny as antithetic.
The novel of Andrea Cacciavillani is just about the breaking of them and the consequences.
A forgotten cell phone. A message improperly perceived. An answer which opens, in a moment, a whole universe of possibilities, until then invisible to Tulio, the main character. A young man killed by insomnia and a nightmare but also by a difficult relationship with his mother, by a shyness painfully parallel to a state of extraneousness to the world.

Life is amazing. It shows us her challenges when it thinks that we could respond to them. Often we avoid them for cowardice, sometimes we grab them forcefully, sure that we are due them because we think we are luck's creditor. Behaviours not self-destructive but not productive. The safety of the main character lies in the choice of facing the unexpected with a beating heart, humility and courage.
(Taken from foreword by Susanna Schimperna)