Il mio tempo by Gennaro Liguori

mind that doesn’t sink into a dark pessimism thanks to the sweetness of lyric tones and the hope that the old values and the purer feelings can give a better life, worthy of being lived. Tones of great pathos blend harmoniously with faint and light-hearted expressions where the poet never loses sight of trust in a morality which more and more seems to disappear among the fierce rules of the daily living. The poems collected in this book allow the reader to observe lights and shadows of the poet’s life almost like if his existence is reflected in a mirror of water where is possible to capture an exhausted soul, disappointed but extremely clear and pure.
Mariangela Lepre

At times, it almost seems to retrace ideally with him the walk of a life.
Among memories, nostalgia, loneliness, regret of a happy past and the hope of a better Time, our Gennaro Liguori drags ourselves in His Time with powerful sweetness. Time made of years, days and moments, among sorrows, absences and choices. Time that is ours too, shared time, time populated by dear presences, illusions, fears, mourning and loves. It is here where it resides the power of his words: in every word there is that power (rare, very rare) of sharing, the possibility for every reader to identify himself in it, get excited and be moved.
Gennaro Liguori talks to us with reassuring language, typical of a confidence, of a story told to friends after a dinner when smells, flavors and warmth seem to confuse us and drive us to frankness; he talks to us with deep authenticity. Sometimes, there is bitterness in his voice (like in “Terza età”/The Third Age), and disenchantment, pride and sweetness (in “Antonio”, touched words of love to his son), and awareness of himself. There is deep grief in “La morte di mio padre” (The death of my father): but it is not shouted or showed pain. It is a modest pain that chooses delicate words to express itself, let itself to be guessed rather than heard, makes it be perceived rather than see. The final lyric is the summary of an entire path of life; it blends bitterness and hope in a very sweet union. With Him, we would want to “run, run for searching something different before closing this life”
Daniela Giovannetti

Back cover:

“Il mio tempo” (My time), the time and the experiences of a life. In the pages of his book full of lyrics and thoughts, he outlines on an ideal existential atlas, through delicate hand and sorrowful sensibility, his own inner geography, the route of feelings, emotions, hopes and disenchantments that to this day go through his days, the shadow line of a daily dialectical conflicting relationship with the world. Between the lines there is a pitiless reflection about good and bad moments, dark and happy, penumbras of a loved life, always lived with enthusiasm but at the same time lived with restless candor, never losing the course of dreams, the “old” and solid values, never losing the measure of his encounter with the humanity.