CHRYSALIS by M.Rosaria Ferrara

“There are so many aspects of us, at times not too obvious, that stay still there waiting to be discovered” and when they are discovered it comes to the perfect knowledge of ourselves.
Every reader can get inside the world represented in Chrysalis and go along with Giulia in this inner journey. She will cope with betrayals, disappointments, sorrows, satisfactions, vivacity, sympathy, mirth, happiness. So she will live the reality realizing how little you know about yourself and she will come to spread her wings to fly in this new world and to understand that “the life can be so rich”.
Gisella Cornelio
He uses a fluent writing, without futile frills to describe deeper and truer feelings. Love, friendship, sadness, passion are themes treated gently and without prejudices. In the plot the characters never appear exaggerated and over the top, but they embody the weakness and the strength that only people who love know how to demonstrate them.
It is a good debut novel. It gently tells us about current and important problems, often disregarded for that fashion of false respectability which turns them into cheap jokes.
The writing is very fluent; plot twists keep the attention, following inner courses of growth and awareness. Effective title, good trailer that I advise you to watch. Well done Maria Rosaria! It will be a pleasure to wait for the publication of a next novel!


Back cover:

A betrayal. The sorrow. The illness. The Passion. The pursuit. The rebirth. 
A young woman runs up against the path of life but the magic of an encounter shrouded in mystery allows her to get up and resume the way to the maturity.
Giulia, the main character of this novel about love, friendship, passions, inner growth and diversity, makes her debut as painter. She has a fire that burns within her and needs to explode to turn into art. But also, suddenly the creative pursuit turns into obstacle, torment, source of discomfort when all seems to be finished, irreparably lost. But just from disenchantment and dried up ground of a destroyed heart begins the rebirth. It is a story about a love that turns into tenderness, a fated and predestined encounter enshrouded by imperceptible magic that becomes decisive for the change and the turning point. In the pursuit of ideal portrait Giulia will find something more.
Chrysalis is a novel that gracefully and naturally deals with strong and painful themes.
The traumatic discovery of a nature hard to accept, the path to success and acceptance of ourselves, the difficult course to forgiveness, the discovery and the surrender to instincts previously unknown are themes that fill the novel in an intertwining of stories that take place in ancient churches, nightclubs, art galleries and streets with no name, in a world of lights and shadows that melt to explode in a thousand reflections and facets.