“GRIGIO”, remark of a reader

I bought and read soon the book of Caterina Saracino. She is very good with writing. Being difficult to fulfill herself as writer she needs support, spurs, closeness and friendship also critical. I propose supporting this writer, interjecting and discussing with her even relentlessly if necessary. If you want: to focus on her, adopt her, to care about her, her steps and her way. We need who knows to probe with a deep look dramas, passions, hopes and disenchantments of this our time of pass so hard between an era and one other. Those who work at narrative and poetic writing explore a dimension of reality still obscure which eludes analysis and definitions of sociological, historical, statistical and political kind.

We need these dowsers to orient ourselves, to move us with greater awareness, not to go astray us or despise, offend, hurt us, mutually exclusive and also kill ourselves blindly. Today Internet allows us to take part for oneself in the original and unique path of a poet, an artist, a writer. The art has always been involvement in the sense of sensitive emotion that it shows and it makes us to touch the poetry, the narration with its words. Now, this involvement can become a real dialogue closely interconnected between readers and writers.

We are on the threshold of a new era of human communication and these that we are typing are the first traces, the first graffiti of the next civilization that all together we are creating. To adopt Caterina Saracino as writer, to bet on her it will be a risk, a big responsibility for us but especially for her.

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